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By | January 23, 2019

The Great Convenience of Parking Pay Stations

There are many advantages and benefits you get from parking lot with pay stations if you are a parking lot owner or even if you are a user of parking lots. In many parking lots today, human employees are being replaced by pay stations that collect payment for the use of the parking lot. In most parking lots there is only one parking enforcement officer but the payment transaction is done by the vehicle owner and the pay station. Below are some of the benefits of a fully automated parking lot with pay stations.

Automation is beneficial to parking lot owners since the use of computerized equipment these days makes processes easier and faster. Automated collecting and issuing of receipts to customers of your parking lot become a lot faster than usual. The time it takes to pay your parking fee is only a few seconds and this will not cause any traffic at the till at the exit.

For the parking lot owner, this means lesser employees to maintain which give the company a lot of savings. The stations in automated parking lots are all computerized. You get the exact revenue for your business because you eliminate human error.

If you are going to park your car in a parking lot with pay stations, then it gives you more convenience that in a parking lot with human employees. You simply need to push buttons and you have your receipts in an instant.

In a pay station, you get the convenience of paying your parking fee. You can now pay your parking using your credit care and leave the parking lot without any hassle. Simply tap your card at the exit and the gates will open for you.

You can also pay in cash and you don’t get the inconvenience of waiting for the cashier to count the change and keep the drivers behind you waiting for their turn to leave. Bills and coins are accepted in automated pay stations and the good thing is that they give change and give it fast. This convenience is what you get from parking pay stations.

Today, you can also find parking pay booths for parking lots without gates. You simply bring your car to the lot and go to the parking booth to pay for the number of hours you will be using the space. In this method, you get to choose options for validating your parking payment. The options that you have is to pay and leave it on your dashboard, pay with the space number, or pay with your license plate number. The parking payment information can all be accessed by the parking enforcement officer by viewing it online. With easy access to reports and information, the parking enforcement officer can easily detect violations.

Today, with parking pay stations, both parking lot owners and parking lot users are given great convenience.

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